Health and Hygiene Education

Water Missions International’s commitment to the transformation of communities includes health and hygiene promotion to improve overall health and of the communities we serve. Lasting change in the health of individuals and communities can only occur when levels of health awareness and understanding are increased. We recognize the need for participatory community development that engages and empowers individuals, families and communities in taking ownership of their health.

Community involvement is an integral part of Water Missions International’s safe water and sanitation solutions and allows opportunities for local community leaders to train their neighbors in health and hygiene. Basic teachings include explanations of the importance of safe water, disinfection of water, proper hygiene practices to stop the spread of disease and the importance of proper sanitation. Training on proper storage of water, cleanliness of water containers, hand-washing, proper cooking methods and proper disposal of waste are also part of the comprehensive program.

Water Missions International’s health and hygiene program equips local communities with resources and support for ongoing assessment and reinforcement of improved health practices. Reports from the field not only indicate decreased illness but also increased self-esteem as individuals take ownership of their health and increase their productivity. The ultimate goal of improved health practices is transformed lives.