Fundraising Ideas

For Schools and Churches  

Penny Wars
This is a good idea for several groups. Each group is assigned a container and they are asked to make donations into their container using nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars – anything but pennies. The other groups can then add “negative” amounts to that group by adding pennies to their container. Pennies are negative; anything else is positive. For example, a nickel = +5 points, a penny = -1 point, so that container would have 4 points. 

Paper Links
Get a company to donate six reams of paper, each a different color. A parent can cut the paper into strips and put them in zip-lock bags. The paper should be distributed to teachers; each grade level gets a different color. For seven days, the strips of paper are sold to the students. The students then write their names on the strips they purchased and connect them to their class’s chain, which can be hanging in the school hallway. The winning grade level is the one with the longest chain. Consider highlighting and studying the culture and geography of a country where clean water is scarce.

Hat Day/No Uniform Day
Students are permitted to wear a hat or casual clothes for the day by making a $1 donation. Students who make donations receive a hand-stamp to verify their participation. This fundraising option is simple, involves a short amount of time, requires minimal preparation and has potential to raise several hundred dollars for Water Missions International.

Candy Gram Sale
Students can buy candy grams for $1 and send them to anyone at school. The teachers and staff can donate the candy and make the cards. This idea works well during holidays such as Valentine’s Day.

Pie in the Face
At least three teachers must be willing to take a pie. Students donate for a chance to pie one of the teachers. (Donation of $1 recommended) At a school/church assembly, draw three tickets from the ones sold and let the pies go!

Hot Dog the Teacher
Use the same fundraising concept as the game above. The “winning” teacher lies down in an oversized “bun” and has ketchup and mustard squirted on him or her by the students. This can also be an incentive used if the school reaches it’s overall fundraising goal.

Duct Tape to the Wall
You must have a popular teacher/coach/pastor willing to do this activity during an assembly. The teacher stands on a table or chair against the wall. Strips of duct tape are sold to students. Each strip is placed over the teacher’s arms and legs until he/she is actually stuck to the wall.

Student vs. Faculty Sports
Basketball, volleyball, softball, kickball or dodgeball. Concessions can be sold by the teams as well.


For Businesses or Service Clubs


Water Wishing Well
Set up a “wishing well” at your office with a sign explaining that all proceeds go to Water Missions International to help needy people around the world have safe, clean water to drink.


Staff Lunch
Ask a local restaurant or catering company to help you in your efforts to raise money for Water Missions International. Get them to donate lunch for your entire staff. Collect a $5 donation from each person to eat lunch that day.

Dress Down Day
Allow employees to pay a predetermined donation amount to “dress down” in casual clothes for the day.

Silent Auction
Get the staff and local businesses to donate items for an auction. Don’t forget to include paid time off/vacation days in this!