Each person has a story. Write yours in a way that leaves a legacy! Water Missions International’s Walk in a Bucket toolkit provides you the opportunity to engage your local community to make an impact in the world around you in a real and tangible way!

We hope you will consider having a Walk for Water for Water Missions International in your community. This is a great event for schools, community organizations and civic groups, churches, and even businesses! We look forward to launching our new website very soon with even more materials to support and equip you and your team to make a real difference and provide safe water!

For more information, please contact Lauren Jernigan, Regional Coordinator, by phone at (630)991-1226 or via email at



"Walking all that distance really gave me time to think about how fortunate we are. I don't think I have ever really worried about whether I could get something as simple as water. This event really opened my eyes, and I am so glad my family participated. I wish every family could take time to experience walking for water."

- Mother of Three who participated in local Walk for Water.

Every day millions of women and children in developing countries walk nearly 4 miles to retrieve water to meet their family’s daily needs. In most cases, even after all that effort, the water they have access to is unsafe and contaminated. Your Walk for Water can mimic that trek, as you invite participants to carry buckets of water along the walk route while you also bring an increased awareness of the global water crisis through the provided materials, and raise funds that will go towards safe water and sanitation solutions for communities around the world.