Official NGO Title: Waha Mitra
Pekanbaru, Sumatra, Indonesia
Projects Installed through FY2013:137

Language- Bahasa Indonesia.
GDP Per Capita- $4,000
Population- More than 240 Million
Poverty Level- 17.8 percent of the country lives below the poverty line.
Religion- Country (Indonesia) is made up of 65 percent Muslim and 16-20 percent Christian.
Climate- Tropical climate, but is more temperate in the highlands.


Brief History - This region of Indonesia is filled with lush forests and is made up of five different ethnic groups. Marco Polo visited the island in 1292, but North Sumatra did not achieve independence until the 1950’s.

Program Overview: The Water Missions Indonesia program was established in 2005 after the devastating tsunami struck Southeast Asia in December 2004. The program is under the leadership of Jan Daniel, a native Indonesian. In 2011, after a partnership was formed with Grundfos Pumps, Water Missions Indonesia began the Southeast Asia Clean Water Initiative to implement 24 safe water projects with the capacity to serve 70,000 people.

Staff members of Water Missions Indonesia are also in Phase I of Safe Water Timor, an initiative to provide safe water to 100,000 people in Timor by 2018. That’s 50 safe water projects in six years. At the southernmost tip of Indonesia, West Timor, Rote and surrounding islands, make up the region known as Timor, one of the poorest regions in the country.  Remote and neglected, the islands of Timor and Rote are plagued by severe problems stemming from their water sources.  Water Missions International will be focusing on five areas: Safe Water, Lasting Infrasturcutre, Community Development, Self-Sustaining Financial Model, and Monitoring & Evaluation.   To learn more, visit

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