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Mission Magazine Radio, a radio program produced by Siloam Missionary Homes, airs a weekly show for Water Missions International featuring transformational stories from the field. Tune in here to catch the latest radio show!

Rusty Smith,  Board Member and Volunteer
Rusty helped start our Kenya Country Program and has since served passionately for the ministry. Hear Rusty's story of how he got connected with Water Missions International, and what he saw in the field.


Mae Dean Northam, International Volunteer
Mae Dean recently returned from Malawi and Indonesia where she facilitated Health & Hygiene Training and Community Development plans. Mae Dean will be traveling to Peru in February 2012 with her husband, Burt.

Burt Northam, International Volunteer
Burt is retired from NASA and has been an international volunteer with Water Missions International.  He travels with his wife, Mae Dean, to help work with communities around the world installing sustainable safe water solutions with Water Missions International. Burt will be traveling to Peru in February 2012 with his wife, Mae Dean.

Lauren Jernigan, Regional Coordinator, Water Missions International
Lauren is the Regional Coordinator for Water Missions International and helps groups across the country organize their own Walk for Water events.  Listen to how she has been helping these groups make a transformational impact by engaging their communities to fight against the global water crisis.
Walt Tanner,
Capstone Church, Fountain Inn, SC
Walt Tanner is part of Capstone Church located in Fountain Inn, SC. In a 200-member church in a town of 8,000 people, Capstone Church has raised more than $20,000 to help support a community in Haiti with safe water.  They recently held their own Walk for Water event and have seen transformational change in their own community by raising awareness for the global water crisis.

Princess and Danielle, University of St Francis, Joliet, IL
These students are coordinating a Walk for Water event on their campus to help create awareness and raise funds for the Walk for Water. This will be the first campus Walk for Water that has taken place for Water Missions International.

Jennifer Blanchard,
Volunteer and Supporter
Two years ago, Jennifer first traveled with her church to Haiti and helped Water Missions International as the cholera outbreak started. Just recently, she and a group of others founded Catch the Vision, an international missional organization that has continued to work with Water Missions InternationalShe's since traveled to Haiti a few times and works closely with an orphanage that desperately needs assistance.

Beverly Zell, Volunteer and Board Member
Beverly Zell, out of Michigan, is a board member and volunteer with Water Missions International. Recently, Beverly traveled to Chiapas, Mexico to help install safe water systems with the organization Hear about her experience and interactions with the communities.

Will Furlong, Senior Project Engineer and Director of Africa Programs, Water Missions International
Will Furlong discusses his last eight months in Africa, and particularly in Uganda.  Not only is Will a civil engineer, but he is also a Methodist minister. Will's passion for serving others is a joy to hear.  You don't want to miss this one!

Kyle Whitcroft,
Young and Free SC
Kyle and his team at Young and Free SC raised more than $16,000 for Water Missions International during their Change for Change campaign. In December 2011, Kyle and Darryl LaPlante traveled to Uganda to engage with the community that they helped provide a safe water system for. He shares here how they were able to mobilize their community for the need of safe water around the world.

Don Neuman, Willow Creek Church
Don Neuman is with Willow Creek Church and their ministry Men of Willow. Hear Don's amazing story about how he got connected with Water Missions International, how Men of Willow raised money for a safe water project, and his time in Nedjje, Uganda as he went face to face with the people he is serving with life-saving water.

Alyssa Maschi, College of Charleston
Alyssa and a class of College of Charleston students managed and organized Water Missions International's 10-Year Anniversary Gala for Water Missions International in November 2011.  They raised more than $21,000 for a community safe water system in Kenya. In addition, Alyssa was in a selected group from the class that spent their Spring Break in March 2012 to travel to Kenya and install the safe water system they helped fund.

Julie Chapman, Volunteer
Julie, a retired nurse, is a volunteer with Water Missions International and shares her recent experiences in Haiti. She spent two days with the staff in Haiti and was deeply impacted by the need for safe water and how important the work of Water Missions International is. She also recently wrote an article for the Moultrie News detailing her time in these Haitian communities.

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