The Living Water™ Treatment System

The Living Water™ Treatment System (LWTS™) is essentially a miniature water treatment plant.  Like many municipal treatment facilities in developed countries, this unit relies on filtration and chemical disinfection for production of safe drinking water.  Filtration physically removes particulate and bacteriological contaminants, while chemical disinfection neutralizes any remaining pathogens and ensures the treated water is safe to drink.  This method is very effective, and, when operated properly, the LWTS™ will provide a community with safe drinking water for many years.

This system has been specifically designed to be used in a difficult environment. It is ruggedly built, simple to operate, and easily maintained. The back-washable filters eliminate the need for costly and difficult filter replacement. The necessary chemicals used to filter and disinfect are common and reasonably priced in most countries where we operate. The cost of the electricity to power the pumps is typically the most costly item of providing safe water for the community, but even when using a diesel powered generator (the most costly source) the total operational cost is less than $3.00 per 1000 gallons.  When operating on solar power, the operating cost drops to less than $.75 per 1000 gallons.

The Living Water™ Treatment System treats 10 gallons (38 liters) of water per minute from raw water sources such as rivers, lakes, springs, ponds, or wells providing the daily water needs (3-4 gallons per person)* of between 150-200 people each hour the system operates. 

For further information on the Living Water™ Treatment System (LWTS™) please click on the links below:

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